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OBO at Wasserturm 2009
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short video "BOSSAROSA"

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OBO, Wasserturm, Bismarckstrasse 179
Postfach 101 538, D-64215 Darmstadt
Tel.: (0049) 6151.895774

His name is synonymous for guitar music worth listening to. In his compositions Caribbean rhythms, Mediterranean and Andalusian sounds are ingeniously intermingled with gently played guitar melodies. OBO started his musical career with the guitar duo called "El Duo Flamenco - Jorge y Obo" in 1977. The duo performed together until 1993. OBO has toured many countries (Saudi Arabia, among others) and performed to sold-out audiences at concert halls such as Alte Oper Frankfurt, The Berliner Philharmonie (Berlin's philharmonics). His CDs ‘Caribá’ and ‘Bossarosa’ even ascended the US radio charts. OBO can be booked as a soloist, or can perform with his ensemble or as a duo at your party or on a concert event.

"OBO’s music makes you start dreaming about sun and sea, waves and wind. His masterly performed guitar music seduces us into an underwater world. He awakes images in your head. Perfect, hats off and be all ears! This is how music editor Frank Schroeder, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (broadcast) describes OBO’s music.


OBO - guitarra ritmica
He created compositions for guitar and percussion with the collaboration of the percussionists Franco Latragna and Christian Paulus, which the musicians present on their performances as a trio. Empathetically combined Latin American and Andalusian rhythms are embellished with Mediterranean melodies and warm guitar sounds. "guitarra ritmica" - world music made in Germany

OBO - Guitarbassimo
He has been playing for many years with double bass player Vitold Rek from Krakau (Poland), who dedicates himself to classical music as well as jazz. For this project OBO has composed many pieces for guitar and double bass (like "Suite Vernissage", among others). The main features of OBO's music, apart from being simply entertaining, are the gentle and catchy guitar tunes that are combined with ingenious strains and thrilling sonority. The Mediterranean-style melodies and the warm sounds are embedded in a tasteful arrangement of jazz, pop and classical music.

OBO - Musicalithe
In collaboration with different artists working in the fields of painting, dance or photography, OBO developed the theatre project "Musicalithe" (short for MusikalischesLichtTanzTheater, in English: MusicalLightDanceTheatre) as a musical synthesis of the arts. It was performed first in 1990 at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt.

OBO - Sol Luna

Press reviews
‘OBO combines in his compositions Mediterranean flavour with striking melodies. His music radiates warmth and is carefully produced popular music combined with an unerring sense of where good taste ends and ‘kitsch’ begins.’ (Cultural Radio Broadcast ‘Scala’, WDR5)

OBO’s Spanish guitar tunes sound just brilliant, this man is a true master of his art. Professionally produced gentle and catchy melodies and ingenious strains enchant or simply entertain you. Furthermore they are performed with such a highly developed skill that scarcely can be believed.
(Kultur Joker Freiburg, reviewing the CD ‘Olas Suaves’)

“Music that can tell so much, that creates so many pictures/images in our heads, that has/holds so many secrets. A wonderful performance/play, precisely and warm, gentle and powerful, magic.”
Donaukurier Ingolstadt

CD „Best Of"
Anabamba, Las Salinas, Bossarosa, Ninoni,
Rumbato, Tango Cubano, Rimba, My Old Salsa,
Lagrimas, Bossaqua, Coconut, Coral Beach,
Cala Azul, Musicado Nr. 3, Bossavina, Portosaler, Esperanza, Luna Azul, Mexdance,
Choros Del Sueno, Laguna Verde, Sonora





OBO’s CDs are released by the record label EDF-Towermusic, named after the artist’s residence, the unique setting the “Wasserturm” ( water tower ) in Darmstadt/Germany (www.wasda.de), which is also used for events as well as an artist studio. Get impressions of the Wasserturm at www.wasda.de

The following CD-productions were released by EDF-Towermusic:

OBO "Best Of"
OBO "Lunares"
OBO "Leporello Musicado"
OBO "Marinal"  
OBO "Bossarosa" (Sampler)
OBO "Caribá"
OBO "Olas Suaves"
OBO "Sol Luna"

Other Cds with OBO
(these are from the time with the guitar duo
„El Duo Flamenco - Jorge y Obo” ,
in the U.S. they were published
under „Obo + Jorge”)

"Ritmo Hispano"

CDs available in Germany through this webpage or via email to: info@OBO-towermusic.de 
reductions for wholesalers / bulk purchase upon inquiry.

Sales in the US via www.1201music.com



Listening samples:
CD Lunares "Pour La Muse"
CD Marinal "Las Salinas"
CD Leporello "Musicado Nr.1"
CD Olas Suaves "Laguna Verdee
CD Cariba "

Free download

"Ninoni" (Studio Rough Mix of CD Lunares)

Compositions / free sheet music download:
rondo orange
(PDF - file)
 (PDF  - file)
musicado nr. 8
 (PDF  - file)






OBO, Wasserturm, Bismarckstrasse 179,
Postfach 101 538, D-64215 Darmstadt
Tel.: (0049) 6151.895774